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In September 2018 we invited young people to be part of something big. Something groundbreaking. Something that would take their passion, ideas and enthusiasm and help them soar.

This was yARC 2018, Australia’s very first animal rights conference designed and run by youth for youth. On the 22nd of September, over 60 young people, aged 25 and under, gathered together united by a passion for animals, social justice and fighting for equality of all kinds. yARC provided the opportunity to develop a vision of what an ideal world could look like, and plan for how to turn that vision into reality. With amazing food, live music and 9 packed sessions, including presentations from Dr Ash Nayate, Chris Delforce (Dominion), Kyle Behrend (Edgar’s Mission), Sarah Margo (Voiceless, the animal protection society), and many others, yARC aimed to shake up what it means to be a young changemaker in our community.  


If you want to get a snapshot of what it was like at yARC 2018, check out our conference booklet here. To keep up with Young Voices for Animal’s future events and get involved with what we’re doing, like us on Facebook and Instagram or get in touch using our contact form.