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This year we want to invite you to be part of something big. Something groundbreaking. Something that will take your passion, ideas and enthusiasm and help them soar.

Welcome to yARC 2018, Australia’s very first animal rights conference designed and run by youth for youth. If you’re aged 25 and under and have a passion for animals, social justice and fighting for equality of all kinds, this conference provides you the opportunity to develop what YOUR vision of an ideal world could look like, and plan how to turn that vision into reality.

In line with our vision of empowerment and inclusiveness, yARC aims to create a safe and accessible space for all attendees, regardless of experience, background, race/ethnicity, gender, sexuality and ability. We encourage you to contact us at any point to discuss ways in which we can better cater for your requirements before, during and after the conference.


With inspiring guest speakers, interactive hands-on workshops, delicious food, a fun social event (details to come) and free all day childcare for younger children, yARC 2018 will be a space where all young people can come together and think BIG!!!

Buy your tickets now and become part of something huge!


Check out our conference guide to learn more about how yARC will run and how we are planning on creating an exclusive, inspiring space for everyone!

Please direct all questions to harley@yva.org.au or kianna@yva.org.au