About YVA

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Young Voices for Animals was founded on the belief that young people can be a driving force for change.

In early 2018, YVA will launch Catalyst, a development program to help passionate young people become effective changemakers for animals.


Meet our team


Dilan Fernando
Dilan is intent on creating as much positive impact as he can, with a keen interest in both human and animal issues. Having entered the world of social impact through Oaktree, Dilan has since led young people to execute a number of projects with Monash SEED, and also founded the Monash Vegan Society. Dilan holds a double degree in Commerce & Economics (Finance & Econometrics) from Monash University.
Harley McDonald-Eckersall
An actor and writer, Harley is passionate about using stories and language to change our perception of animals and see them for who they really are. Harley is currently studying a Bachelor of Arts (Theatre & Journalism) at Monash University, and is a former director of the Monash Vegan Society.
Kianna Hope
Having been inspired by her social activist parents, Kianna has harboured a deep affection for animals from an early age. Since then, she's served as President of the University of Melbourne Animal Protection Society, and volunteered at Australia for Dolphins and the Animal Justice Party. Kianna holds a Bachelor of Science (Animal & Environmental Studies) from the University of Melbourne, as well as a Certificate III in Community Services.
Nha Phuong Dang
Nha Phuong believes education is the key to positive change, and intends to become a teacher so he can empower young people every day. He was the President of the University of Melbourne Animal Protection Society, and has worked with young people through his tutoring work and as a high school peer mentor with In2Science. Nha Phuong holds a Bachelor of Science (Physics) from the University of Melbourne.
Ella Frost
Always eager to use her voice for those in need, Ella is passionate about creating a society that protects all animals, as well as our natural world. She has been involved in various animal rights and environmental groups across Melbourne and is continually inspired by the community around her. Currently studying a Bachelor of Arts (Sociology) at Swinburne University, Ella plans to become an academic specialising in Critical Animal Studies and Sociology of the Environment.